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Excellence in the Workplace – Notes
(ExSELLence in the WORKplace)

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Session Preface
3 Types of people attend training seminars = Prisoners – Vacationers – Seekers
3 Types of employees in today’s workforce = Performers – Occupiers – Wreckers
3 Roadblocks are facing every business = Individualism – Indifference – Minimalism
Problems? Think outside of the Forest; step away and look at all the trees.
How to remember what we learn? Have a “Balloon Meeting” one week from today.

Introductions: The Politics of Marketing Yourself
Are you a “D” or an “R”? Do we tell people what we do or simply say what we aRe?
What we Do is the End Result of our work. (Ex: A mortician would answer, “I navigate grief.”)
Focusing on the end results of people’s work gives them value.

Expectations are the secret to motivating other people. If we don’t know what to expect from each other, we have nothing to motivate our actions.

The Five (5) Appearances
1. Appear – Be working at 8am not showing up. (Look up Tom Hanks Golden Globe speech on Youtube)
2. Appear Healthy – Your physical and mental health is paramount to your success.
3. Appear Interested – We don’t care what you know until we know that you care.
4. Appear Knowledgeable – Be an expert in every job you take on.
5. Appear Professional – “Clothes don’t make the man, but they can unmake the man.”

The Customer Comers Last?!?
(Only if we want the customer to feel like #1)
1. The first customer is in the mirror. Take care of yourself before being able to help others
2. The second customer lives with us. Be careful in “Treating people like family”
3. The third customer drives with us. “Our habits become our destiny..”
4. The fourth customer works with us “How we treat our team reflects on everything”
5. The fifth and final customer pays us “Hopefully the first four customers prepared you.”

All business is a practice. The will to practice is the foundation of the will to win.

The Physics of Performance – (They remember what they see)
1. Have a goal job inside or outside of your company and make every day an audition.
2. A job occupier does nothing more or less than the job description they work on a level plane where momentum slows to a stop.
3. Just waiting for your goal job by coasting demands that you are going downhill.

All of our human needs impact our motivation to perform.
Research Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs

Motivation and Money:
Let’s talk about money
1. Money is as much a demotivator as it is a motivator
2. Money is both ends of the magnet. It attracts and detracts
3. Put money in perspective. Always do the math.
4. Coupons are TAX FREE CASH.
5. Win $104 in the Power Ball Lottery every year by not playing.
6. Instead of saving 10% or your money, live on 90% of your income.
7. Pay the Y-O-Utility Bill first every month.

It’s like buying a car. The moment you drive off the lot you see that car everywhere. Why? Because you are AWARE of it.
Look at your goals and become AWARE of them. Only then, can you start counting your coincidences that will help you reach your goals.

When you come to a fork in the road… take it!” Yogi Berra
If you don’t like the fork you took, don’t go back; go forward and find a new fork!”

Dealing with Difficult People
1. It’s probably not you
2. Embrace them and make it interesting.. Consider them.
3. Difficult People kill 45 minutes faster than anything

Use Verbal Judo to diffuse Difficult People
Use their anger and momentum to your benefit.
Thank you, most people don’t have the courage to tell us when something is wrong.”

Improve Communication by 70%
68% of communication is non-verbal (Remember the smile test)
25% of communication is vocal (The tone and volume of our voice)
7% of communication is verbal (The verbs, adjectives and words we use.)

ExSELLence in the WORKplace
Let’s keep selling the value of our work.”

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